It's been a long time since I uploaded for the last time. Simply because I was so busy with school. I'm in the middle of a finals week (one test left) and everything is stressful, but I missed writing, so here I am! Today I'm sharing one of my new all time favourites with you guys. `

The past month I've been truly obsessed with fashionblogs. Fashion photography bloggers from over the whole world fascinated me. Now, I like to write and that's what I mostly do for this blog, but I love photography a lot too. I can't wait to attend community college next year. Some of the classes will be about photography and I'm really excited about it.

The fashion (photography) blogger I fell in love with this month is Lauren Calaway. I saw a picture of her on We Heart It. Her purple hair stood out between all the other pictures and got me interested. I wanted to know what she did and if I could find more pictures, but the description didn't mention a name. Thank god you can right click and search pictures on google. That way I ended up on her instagram.

Her instagram describtion directed me to her blog and that's where the obsession was born. I seriously love her style. She can turn from super cute to a bad girl and she can pull both of it off. It's a blessing to come home from a rough day and just scroll through her blog.


If you want to check her out, visit her blog: Or, for the instragammers out there, Lauren has an Instagram account with a lot of great content! Follow her on instagram.